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Antique Barometer John Adams 1800’s Banjo Weather Wheel Mahagony approx 43 tall

Beautiful Mahogany Banjo Wheel Barometer John Abram Antique Weather Wheel. Dont miss this one! What a lovely Antique Barometer. You put this on the wall in your entryway and everyone will be so envious! Mahogany wood Banjo Style Weather Barometer. Perhaps he was an attorney or other prominent man [...]

Jules Richard Bourdon Tube Barometer

I’m moving to a much smaller place and sadly I must downsize. The Barometer was made in France by the renowned instrument maker Jules Richard in the latter part of the 1800’s. Jules Richard’s father Felix worked with Bourdon the inventor in the mid 1800’s and they were [...]

Barometer In Urdu Hindi