Archives for September 22, 2019

Antique French Holosteric Brass Barometer PHBN

Beautiful 19th Century barometer made by Pertuis Hulot Naudet (PHNB) in Paris. Pressure is reported in inches of mercury and the thermometer is Fahrenheit scale. Lovely patina on brass case. I have compared it many times to local barometric readings and it is accurate. It is rather rare to [...]

Taylor Instruments Stormoguide Bakelite Thermometer/Barometer Copyright 1927

I believe this form is rare in bakelite as I was only able to find desk pieces in bakelite. Marked- PAT’D AUG. Excellent condition with some scratches and wear, some pitting to metal and the thermometer is perpetually maxed out. The item “Taylor Instruments Stormoguide Bakelite Thermometer/Barometer Copyright 1927″ is [...]

Antique French Black Forest Carved 29 Barometer & Thermometer Only for Deco

Charming Lighting, Tableware & Antiques. À la Française since 2001. Selected for you, to live every moment. At home in a unique way. Arriving to US in approx. Black forest hand carved wood French style wall. Measures approx 29″ height x 12.6″ width. In a good antique condition. Barometer & thermoter [...]