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FREE SHIP Antique Pocket Barometer Victorian Brass Pocket Barometer

This rare Victorian antique pocket barometer is an instant heirloom. The well-weighted brass instrument has a fob ring and a beveled glass face. The face of the barometer says: Stormy, Rain, Change, Fair and Very Dry. It also says “Compensated” and Ocomitti & Son, Ltd. The piece is in good, age-related condition – there [...]

Antique Barometer Andrew J. Lloyd Boston Tycos SM London

This is an antique barometer in a brass case. The face is marked with ANDREW J. LLOYD COMPANY BOSTON Tycos SM LONDON. The case measures approx. 5 1/4 in width at the top and 2 3/8 in depth. The face show some discoloration areas but we have attempted no cleaning. The item “Antique Barometer [...]