Archives for June 14, 2020

Antique Brass Marine Stick Barometer by R. N. Desterro Lisbon 38 Tall

Antique Brass Marine Stick Barometer by R. Desterro Lisbon 38 Tall. Antique brass marine stick Barometer. Circa late 19th century. Feature the Barometer, original mounting gimble and the hinged bracket. The face plate engraved/marked with J. M, 16 a 22, R. Still have the original curved glass. [...]

Antique R. McQUEEN & SON, Ltd Gentlemen’s Gilt Brass Aneroid Barometer Altimeter

From my Barometer collection: Here we have an Antique , R. McQUEEN & SON, Ltd. England, Gentlemen’s Gilt Brass Cased Aneroid Barometer & Altimeter. McQueen & Son firm were opticians, cutlers and surgical instrument makers in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. They were established in 1846 and [...]