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Early Brass PHBN Holosteric Barometer / Fahrenheit Thermometer Leyson & Turck MT

This is a well made 19th Century barometer made by Pertuis, Hulot, Naudet et Cie (PHNB) in Paris (France). Pressure is reported in inches of mercury and the two thermometers are respectively in Fahrenheit and Celsius scale. Face marked Made For Leyson & Turck Butte, MT. Shows pressure and textual readout of [...]

Antique Rare PHBN Holosteric Barometer Made in France

Antique Rare PHBN Holosteric Barometer. Please see pictures for condition. Not sure if it works. Measures approximately 5 1/8 diameter x 2 1/8′ deep. The item “Antique Rare PHBN Holosteric Barometer Made in France” is in sale since Sunday, October 27, 2019. This item is [...]

Antique Collectible Barometer Robert Kentz Imperial Russian Empire

Imperial Russian Empire measuring device. Please see the photo. For the first time, the barometer was invented and described in the work Opera geometrica in 1644 by the scientist from Florence (Italy) Evangelista Torricelli. It was a liquid mercury barometer, the pressure of which was measured by the height of the mercury (liquid) [...]