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George III satinwood wheel barometer M Salas/Preston (Eng) c1815, 39

A rare George III satinwood wheel barometer M. Salla, Preston, circa 1815. The 8 inch circular silvered register calibrated in inches and signed M. Salla, Preston to the rosette engraved centre beneath arched Fahrenheit scale mercury thermometer and broken pediment, the rounded base with ivory setting [...]

Barigo Barometer Vintage Brass Made in Germany (3)

Description of Salvage item. Barigo analog precision barometer. Typ nr – 1500 make German. The high-precision special barometers 1500MS and 1580 CRED. Are built to comply and have a special high-accuracy. Movement with large twin cells and a special front and back plate. The case is made of solid brass or alternatively [...]

Rare Antique Black Forest Barometer

Offering a rare Black Forest carved walnut barometer. Created early 20th century. This wonderful barometer features stylized flowers and vines carved in an open work fashion, emblematic of the carvers of the Black Forest. The original barometer mechanism and thermometer are working fine. This piece silhouettes very nicely on [...]