Archives for November 4, 2018

Rare Antique 1800’s Barometer and Thermometer England Oak Wood Free Shipping

Antique 1850’s Barometer and Thermometer This ornate barometer/thermometer is from the mid 1800’s. The interior face plates are highly decorated with beautiful carving. This divice is used to measure the barometric pressure change from one day to the next with adjustable ivory [...]

Wonderful Antique French Weather Station Barometer Thermometer Hand Carved Wood

Up for sale is a breathtaking French Art Nouveau (possibly older) wall weather station with thermometer and barometer. The case is made out of one piece solid oak or walnut wood with the typical antique scrimshaw. A real outstanding French artful manufactured item and a perfect addition [...]

Antique c. 1880 Aneroid Wall Barometer Weather Station Black Forest Victorian

Antique Circa 1880’s Aneroid Barometer Weather Station. Hand Carved Dark Wood in Large Victorian Case. Here is an late 19th century ANEROID barometer or weather station. Spectacular tuned and carved hard wood case in purely Victorian taste. Incised on the back are the numbers 518 and [...]