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Antique French Hand Carved Wood Black Forest Barometer Wall Thermometer

Antique French Carved Wood Black Forest Barometer Wall Thermometer. A beautiful hand carved wooden, probably oak, Black Forest barometer/weather station with beautiful scrolls and leaf details. It has a thermometer as well, with a white enamel centigrade display plate. The thermometer and the barometer work, but the [...]

Antique Barometer Thermometer Clock

Antique Barometer / Thermometer / Clock combination set into beautifully inlaid wood. Aneroid barometer and mercury thermometer track conditions reliably while key wind clock runs well. Measures approx 12.5″ wide by 8″ tall by 3 deep. Please check out our other items. And be sure to add Paul Madden Antiques to your favorites list. As [...]

Copy Of Expansion Barometers And Manometers Unit 2 Review