Archives for June 4, 2018

Antique Hand Carved Wood Wall Barometer Thermometer Tiger Oak circa 1880-1890’s

This is a Rare, Heavy Antique 19th Century Ornate Victorian Weather Station Banjo Wall Barometer & Thermometer. We are NOT experts regarding this item but we have done research and our research is what we are presenting regarding this unique piece. This Has a Beautiful what appears [...]

Exclusive Swiss BLACK forest wood carved Bear Barometer circa 1920

Exclusive Barometer Wood carved Black forest Swiss circa 1920 25cm tall and 14cm wide very detailed work found no signature on it but reminds me on the ruef brothers, if you search on them you will see the similarities. We package the items here in Belgium very well so they arrive [...]

19TH Century German Cased Pocket Barometer Compass & Thermometer GREAT LOOKING

For sale, this wonderful antique German combination pocket barometer, thermometer, compass. Believed to be from the late 19th century (1880). Measures 2.25″ in diameter x 1″ deep. Double sided with ring bow. One side has a steel hand and a white [...]