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Icse Class 9 Physics Pressure In Fluids And Atmospheric Pressure 5 Aneroid Barometer

Unusual 19.5 Antique Black Forest Barometer/Therm with Full Deer and Cuckoo Top

Offering this unusual design Black Forest German, Barometer/Thermometer, carved Ca: 1900. The piece measures aprox. 19.5 inches tall x 9.25 wide, at its widest point. This Barometer is finely carved with great detail, out of mostly one piece of linden wood. It’s unusual in design, having a full [...]

Antique ELLIOTT BROS Brass Cased Field Engineering Surveying Barometer Altimeter

From my Barometer collection: Here we have an Antique ELLIOTT BROS. London, Large Brass Cased Field Engineering, Surveying Barometer Altimeter. The Elliott Brothers company operated in London, England form 1834 – 1921. Lectrical instrument makers, Mathematical instrument makers, Optical instrument makers and Philosophical instrument makers, specializing in barometers, microscopes, theodolites, transits, [...]

Steamweekend 2 Building Barometers

Antique Gilt Metal Pocket Compensated Barometer in Leather Case

This is a Antique Gilt Metal Pocket Compensated Barometer in Leather Case. The case measures approximately 3″ x 2 1/4″ x 1 thick. The dial turns freely. There are some scratches on the barometer and some of the leather is missing on the case. This is a great piece for any collection. [...]

Antique Edwardian Selsi English Banjo Style Barometer Marquetry Inlay

Enjoy this beautifully crafted Antique hanging Banjo-Style Barometer by Selsi, England. Exquisite marquetry inlay work, see photos. Measures approximately 27 1/2″ h x 7 1/2″ w x 1 1/2 d. Signed on barometer front- Selsi, Compensated, England. PLEASE NOTE:Most of our items are either pre-owned or [...]

Antique French Black Forest Carved Barometer Rare 3 Bears figures 12 x 7 1900

Charming Lighting, Tableware & Antiques. À la Française since 2001. Selected for you, to live every moment. At home in a unique way. Arriving to US in approx. Black forest hand carved wood bears figures. Measures approx 7″ height x 12″ width. In a good antique [...]

Rare Antique Architectural Drum Barograph & Barometer

Rare Architectural Drum Barograph & Barometer. Recorder barometer, which is coupled with a recording mechanism that traces a continuous curve of the different values of atmospheric pressure that occur over a given period. 33cm x 17cm x 12cm. The item “Rare Antique Architectural Drum Barograph & Barometer” is [...]

Top 10 Best Boat Cabin Clocks Barometers

Antique Barometer Thermometer Clock

Antique Barometer / Thermometer / Clock combination set into beautifully inlaid wood. Aneroid barometer and mercury thermometer track conditions reliably while key wind clock runs well. Measures approx 12.5″ wide by 8″ tall by 3 deep. Please check out our other items. And be sure to add Paul Madden [...]