Archives for May 18, 2018

19th Century Black Forest Carved Weather Station

19th Century Black Forest Carved Weather Station. Belonged to my Great Grandfather who emigrated to Buffalo, NY prior to WW I from Alsace-Lorraine (Germany then, but now part of France). The beautifully carved weather station (Thermometer and Barometer) has been in our family ever since (over 100 years). There [...]

RARE Large Antique E. Lennie Aneroid Wall Barometer Carved Oak 5 Face Edinburgh

A very nice and complete antique barometer. This is a rare large wall model made by. Features a 5 face and a beautifully boxed thermometer above. This is an aneroid model and is in museum grade condition with only a few. Minor bits of wear. This is mounted [...]

Vintage Art Deco Brass Barometer by C. P. Goerz

Art deco barometer by C. German, made for the USA market circa 1920s. Unique design shows pressure between 2 pieces of bevelled glass. I have owned many of these and this is the only one I have seen made of brass and with English readings. Aneroid movement is in [...]