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Antique french old barometer and barometer case wood

Antique french: old barometer and barometer case wood. A barometer style henri 2 beware the thermometer is blocked at 50 degrees celsius. A second one that does not have the instruments but just the louis xv style case. Dimension of the first. Height: (73 cm) 28.74 inches width: (32 cm) 12.59 inches. Dimension [...]

Aneroid barometer sestrel marine nautical ship`s Inch and millibar scale

Description of Salvage item. Aneroid barometer sestrel marine nautical. The Admiral Barometer is a true traditional maritime instrument that features a slim profile case and large dial. The brass Orion Barometer is a smaller version of our most popular traditionally styled Atlantis Barometer. Both barometers incorporate a [...]