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HUGE Antique French Carved Oak BLACK FOREST BAROMETER w Grapes Wine Wall Hanging

HUGE Antique French Carved Oak Black Forest Barometer. Beautiful carved black forest barometer/thermometer! Elaborate dimensional relief carvings, excellent Black Forest style. HUGE fruit and foliage, SOLID OAK, quality quality quality. Look how the back box opens to access the barometer (again only found in the very [...]

Alexis Stenfors A Barometer Of Fear Bregman Leadership Podcast

Casella English Rosewood Wheel Barometer Thermometer Antique

Check out my other items. Be sure to add me to your favorites list. I list antiques, vintage, art deco and more nearly every day. We are a non-smoking home business. English Wheel Barometer/ Thermometer. This is a genuine English rosewood case wheel barometer/ thermometer by L. Measures 36″ (91.5cm) H x [...]