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Unique Courvoisier Et Comp. Bimetalic Pocket Thermometer Circa 1830 Top

BIMETALIC POCKET THERMOMETER CIRCA 1830 TOP. LOOKS IN GOOD CONDITION. I DONT KNOW IF WORKS. Very fine and rare early bimetallic pocket thermometer. White enamel with graduations in Fahrenheit and Réaumur scales with indications for “Degrés du froid a Paris” and “degrés du [...]

Indo Barometer 61 8 Ingin Jokowi Jabat Presiden 2019 2024

Aneroid barometer sestrel marine nautical ship`s Inch and millibar scale

Description of Salvage item. Aneroid barometer sestrel marine nautical. The Admiral Barometer is a true traditional maritime instrument that features a slim profile case and large dial. The brass Orion Barometer is a smaller version of our most popular traditionally styled Atlantis Barometer. Both barometers incorporate a screw bezel which allows easy access [...]