Archives for December 27, 2016

Short & Mason dial barograph (stormograph) with beveled glass, charts, ink

Here listed is a great example of a dial barograph from instrument maker Short & Mason of London. This one has a beautiful mahogany base and case with beveled glass panels in excellent condition. This one has a nice dial to make reading current barometric pressure much easier. S&M registered their [...]

Circa 1830 English J. Ronchetti Wheel Barometer 43 Market St Manchester, Uk

CIRCA 1830 ENGLISH J. RONCHETTI WHEEL BAROMETER 43 MARKET ST MANCHESTER, UK. RONCHETTI WHEEL BAROMETER 43 MARKET ST MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM Offering this CIRCA 1830 ENGLISH J. This antique weather station features five functions. There is the Barometer, Thermometer, Level, Mirror (mirror is broken) and Humidity Gauge. I haven’t tested the barometer, thermometer, or [...]

Exquisite Vintage Barometer Carved Wood Gilded Made In Italy Antique

Old gilded carved wood wall barometer made in Italy! Not sure of the date. Be sure to look at all the photos carefully, what you see is what you get. Has some original paper work scotched taped to the back. Looks to be in very good [...]