Archives for December 4, 2016

Exquisite Vintage Barometer Carved Wood Gilded Made In Italy Antique

Old gilded carved wood wall barometer made in Italy! Not sure of the date. Be sure to look at all the photos carefully, what you see is what you get. Has some original paper work scotched taped to the back. Looks [...]

Antique Aneroid Barometer Theo Mundorff Optician New York (1890)

English Make Aneroid Barometer. With beautiful intricate carvings. This has a huge face with what i believe is original glass at over 8 inches in glass diameter. The barometer is still accurate and can turn with adjustments. The thermometer appears to work fine too. The faces of both instruments [...]

Antique Admiral Fitzroy Barometer Thermometer in Oak Case 1880

Antique Admiral Fitzroy Barometer Thermometer & Original Oak Case Est 1880. Oak Cabinet, Brass Hardware, Glass Top. Mercury barometer placed in an oak wooden cabinet, with double reading vernier applied to the column of mercury for the verification of the change of the atmospheric pressure and [...]