Archives for February 7, 2021

Antique Weather Station Barometer/Manometer/Thermometer DOES NOT OPERATE

This is a wall weather station. My research suggests it is made of rosewood and made in England during the late 1700’s or early 1800’s. This is a genuine old one! The thermometer still works, but the mercury manometer and the hygrometer (for humidity) do not work, but the [...]

Antique Old Simmons Portable Stick Barometer American Patd 1861 Fancy Model

Simmons Portable Stick Barometer in original stained finish (with excellent crazing). Patented March 18, 1861. This was the fancy model – the more plain one not having the wavy trim. Working thermometer – barometer needs a fill of mercury – currently empty and not working. Glass tube looks to be [...]

Early 1850’s Daniel Pratt Bee Hive American Clock With Signed JC Brown Movement

EVERY ITEM IS METICULOUSLY PACKED AND BOXED, SO IT WILL ARRIVE TO YOU UNSCATHED BY THE DEMONS OF TRANSIT. No one else comes close to offering you the vast selection and incredible values you’ll find right here from ProClocks! Don’t settle for imitators who pretend to provide the same [...]