Archives for September 13, 2020

Antique Barometer Thermometer Humidity Instrument Cattelli, England 1840

By far, the nicest stick barometer/thermometer/humidity instrument we’ve ever carried. It still performs all of its function as well as it did 180 years ago and is indisputably beautiful, in rich, warm mahogany that the English did so well. Cattelli & Son of Hereford England. It features a hardwood wheel design with [...]

Genuine Antique Barometer made of wood metal brass and beveled glass 1871 1918

Genuine Antique Barometer made of wood, metal, brass and beveled glass. A rare historical object! A beautiful old wall hand carved wooden barometer. The piece is in very good condition. The wood case has its original finish. The barometer appears to be in fine working order. Date of [...]