Archives for February 20, 2020

Large Antique French Black Forest Barometer Weather Station Thermometer Carved

Old french hand carved wooden barometer made around 1950. With on the sides and top beautiful carved leafs and waves. The barometer is tested under. Pressure and works good. Mercury thermometer works good also. For a good working barometer check with your local weather station/info for the [...]

Antique Airguide Oyster Pearl Inlaid Mahogany Gilded Barometer Weather Station

Original Antique Airguide Barometer Thermometer Inlaid Weather Station (3+FT Tall). This is Original & Rare Antique Airguide Silver Dial Stencil Gilt Pearl Inlaid Mahogany Barometer Thermometer Weather Station This Piece Measures Over 3 Feet Tall with Beautiful Rounded Silvered Jeweled Compensated Dial with Nicely Etched Trim Work. It has [...]

Subbiahpandian Presidency College Atmospheric Pressure Torricelli Barometer