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Antique Collectible Barometer Robert Kentz Imperial Russian Empire

Imperial Russian Empire measuring device. Please see the photo. For the first time, the barometer was invented and described in the work Opera geometrica in 1644 by the scientist from Florence (Italy) Evangelista Torricelli. It was a liquid mercury barometer, the pressure of which was measured by the height of [...]

20 Antique French, barometer, thermometer, carved beech, black forest, early 20th

Antique French, barometer, thermometer, carved Beech, black forest. French work, hand carved Beech , Black forest. The wood has 2 small accidents (see photos) and a slot on the lower part of the barometer (see photos). Measurements: height:(51cm) 20″in width: (22cm) 8.66″in. Please look at the [...]

Antique Leaf Carved Black Forest Style Barometer, Dutch

A Dutch language leaf carved in the Black Forest manner barometer measuring 16 1/2″ by 12 1/2″. The ground glass is set in a brass ring, the 5 across dial reads in Dutch. In good condition, consistent with its circa 1920 vintage normal and expected wear is present as shown. [...]