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Black Forest wood carved hunting Barometer Schwarzwald Judaica c. 1900

We are offering this high quality antique Barometer – Black Forest – fine wood carving in artfully and high Quality – hunting motive with hare, groose, rifle and powder horn with Star of David – size 45 cm x 35 cm – age around 1880/1900 – carving in. Good original [...]

Antique Collectible Barometer Imperial Russian Empire measuring device

Antique Collectible Barometer Imperial Russian Empire measuring device. Device In working condition. Please see the photo. Glass is not native. For the first time, the barometer was invented and described in the work Opera geometrica in 1644 by the scientist from Florence (Italy) Evangelista [...]


A superb English made late Victorian piece of surveying equipment. Made in England by the famous Keuffel & Esser Co. A laquered brass case with signs of use. Aneroid is not operational (arrow not moving, service required). Diameter: 68 mm(without ring and crown). Otherwise, an Unpaid Item Dispute will be filed. ALL [...]