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Antique F. DARTON, LONDON Gentlemen’s Gilt Brass Cased Pocket Aneroid Barometer

From my Barometer collection: Here we have an Antique , F. LONDON, England Gentlemen’s Brass Cased Pocket Aneroid Barometer. Was established in 1834 in London, England as w. Holesale manufacturing opticians and scientific instrument makers. They specialized in standard meteorological instruments for observatories, recording meteorological instruments, spectacles and folders, opera, field and [...]

Tom And Ben News Barometers Are Falling Sharply

Antique French Black Forest Carved 28 Barometer & Thermometer Hunting theme

Charming Lighting, Tableware & Antiques. À la Française since 2001. Selected for you, to live every moment. At home in a unique way. Arriving to US in approx. Black forest hand carved wood hunting style wall. Measures approx 28″ height x 13″ width. [...]