Archives for February 2, 2019

Antique F. DARTON, LONDON Gentlemen’s Gilt Brass Cased Pocket Aneroid Barometer

From my Barometer collection: Here we have an Antique , F. LONDON, England Gentlemen’s Brass Cased Pocket Aneroid Barometer. Was established in 1834 in London, England as w. Holesale manufacturing opticians and scientific instrument makers. They specialized in standard meteorological instruments for observatories, recording meteorological instruments, spectacles [...]

RARE German Black forest wood carved hunting trophy Barometer 1900

Gorgeous antique German or Swiss woor carved barometer black forest as they call it hunting trophy / hunting theme good condition see detailed pics, just the metal case around glass barometer has a small part gone. Barometer is not tested 49 cm height and [...]