Archives for January 14, 2019

20 Tall Antique Black Forest Barometer Weather Station in Solid Walnut withCross

This Black Forest style wood case barometer is from France and it dates to the early 1900`s. This is a genuine old one with exceptionally fine carving and not one of the newer reproductions of this style. The case is made from solid walnut and finished to [...]

English Small Wood Octagonal Shaped Barometer (20th Cent)

English Small Wood Octagonal Shaped Barometer (20th Cent). Inventory ID: 048353 English small wood octagonal shaped barometer (20th Cent). For four generations, Newel has inspired international collectors and designers with one of the most extensive decorative and fine arts galleries in the world. A family business since 1939, our roots are firmly planted [...]

Antique Pomegranate Carved Barometer / Thermometer, Dutch

A Dutch leaf and pomegranate fruit carved and reticulated barometer measuring 21″ by 10″. The ground glass is set in a brass ring, the enameled dial reads in Dutch. The milk glass thermometer dial measures 4 3/4 tall and registers degrees Centigrade and Fahrenheit. In good condition, consistent with its [...]