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Antique Victorian 31 Wall Barometer & Thermometer, Lovely Carved Walnut Case

Antique Victorian Era 31 Wall Barometer & Thermometer, Lovely Carved Walnut Case. All items and photos are the express property of Antiques & Uncommon Treasure. No reproduction without prior written consent. We’ll be sending out sale notices and special deals to our’Favorites’ customers. Fabulous antique Victorian to early Edwardian era hand carved 31 tall wall [...]

Antique French Black Forest Carved 28 Barometer & Thermometer Griffin theme

Charming Lighting, Tableware & Antiques. À la Française since 2001. Selected for you, to live every moment. At home in a unique way. Arriving to US in approx. Black forest hand carved wood griffin style wall. Measures approx 28″ height x 13″ width. In a good [...]

Antique Nautical Marine Barometer With Porcelan Face Made In England

ANTIQUE NAUTICAL BAROMETER WITH BIG PORCELAN DIAL. This is a late 19th century nautical aneroid barometer used on the ships. The barometer scale goes from 26-31 inches and has rare porcelain face. The body of the device is made of brass with minimal wear and tear, please check out the relevant [...]