Archives for March 21, 2018

Antique English Oak Banjo Wheel Barometer Thermometer Free Shipping

Im not sure if it is oak or maple, it was given to me for a wedding present almost 50 years ago. Its a banjo shape. It is 10 inches wide by 33 long. It in good working order and would be a nice piece to add to any collection. The item “Antique English [...]

Antique Nautical Marine Barometer With Porcelan Face Made In England

ANTIQUE NAUTICAL BAROMETER WITH BIG PORCELAN DIAL. This is a late 19th century nautical aneroid barometer used on the ships. The barometer scale goes from 26-31 inches and has rare porcelain face. The body of the device is made of brass with minimal wear and tear, please [...]

Antique 19th Century Short and Mason Barograph

This listing is for an antique 19th century barograph manufactured by Short and Mason. This fine antique scientific instrument is approximately 12″ long x ^”wide x 8 tall and will make a nice addition to your collection. The piece has a very nice dark patina to the brass components, and is otherwise [...]