Archives for January 19, 2018

Antique Brass Filigree Barometer / Thermometer, German

A German made brass filigree barometer measuring 13″ by 6 3/4″. The milk glass thermometer dial measures 5 3/8″ by 1 1/8″ and registers degrees centigrade and réaumur. In good condition, consistent with its circa 1920 vintage normal and expected wear is present as shown. They are in working condition but [...]

Victorian Aneroid Barometer and Thermomter

Banjo style Aneroid Barometer and thermometer. Original porcelain faces and glass casing. Really nice and unique hand carved wood that is clean and tested time. This piece would look magnificent in any office or home. Estimated at over 100 years old and European. Seems to working [...]