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Antique F. ROBSON & CO. Gentleman’s Brass Pocket Aneroid Barometer Altimeter

From my Barometer collection: Here we have an Antique, F. NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, ENGLAND, Gentleman’s Gilt Brass Compensated Aneroid Pocket Barometer Altimeter. Robson & Co, established their company at 46 Dean St. They were well known Opticians and mathematical instrument makers who manufactured optical and miscellaneous instruments, including Barometers. They operated until approx. The [...]

Huger weather station precision aneroid wooden barometer make west Germany

Description of Salvage item. Huger weather station precision. Antique aneroid barometer make west Germany. IMI N0 – BM013HUGER. Which is showing in my listing pictures. Kindly check all my listing items pictures properly. Good customer service is our only goal. Please let us know immediately if there is a problem [...]

Gear S3 Alti Barometer Speedometer