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Unique Courvoisier Et Comp. Bimetalic Pocket Thermometer Circa 1830 Top

BIMETALIC POCKET THERMOMETER CIRCA 1830 TOP. LOOKS IN GOOD CONDITION. I DONT KNOW IF WORKS. Very fine and rare early bimetallic pocket thermometer. White enamel with graduations in Fahrenheit and Réaumur scales with indications for “Degrés du froid a Paris” and “degrés du chaud” [...]

Mini Quad Naze32 Barometer Alt Hold Fine Tuned Pid Settings

Victorian Aneroid Barometer and Thermomter

Banjo style Aneroid Barometer and thermometer. Original porcelain faces and glass casing. Really nice and unique hand carved wood that is clean and tested time. This piece would look magnificent in any office or home. Estimated at over 100 years old and European. [...]