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Casio Protrek Rpg 270 Modul 3415 Barometer Thermometer

Circa 1830 English J. Ronchetti Wheel Barometer 43 Market St Manchester, Uk

CIRCA 1830 ENGLISH J. RONCHETTI WHEEL BAROMETER 43 MARKET ST MANCHESTER, UK. RONCHETTI WHEEL BAROMETER 43 MARKET ST MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM Offering this CIRCA 1830 ENGLISH J. This antique weather station features five functions. There is the Barometer, Thermometer, Level, Mirror (mirror is broken) and Humidity Gauge. I haven’t tested the barometer, thermometer, or humidity [...]

Important Antique Walnut Barometer

Spectacular, unique and unusual large walnut carved Barometer. Great quality of carvings all over the case. Very unusual design with printed explanations. Seems to be in an excellent antique condition, but I’m not sure if it is working. Size: 47″ x 12″. This is a museum [...]