Archives for September 2, 2015

Pre 1930 hand carved black Danish Barometer

Wonderful wooden piece of old world original craftsmanship that is perfect for decor. Lead plates on the back hold in place the weather instruments and it has 260 stamped into the wooden base. The R and C stands for Reaumur and Celsius. The Reaumur scale was a common scale until the mid [...]

19th Century E. B. Meyrowitz Portable Pocket Barometer & Altimeter

PLEASE READ ENTIRE LISTING!!!! Rare Early beautiful barometer/altimeter by famous maker. Pictures speak for themselves. Please understand this is an antique, collectors timepiece and being so it may not keep exact, to the second time as a new timepiece would and might require servicing unless [...]

Black Forest Barometer with Deer Head, early 20th Century

Just back from France comes this lovely Black Forest hand carved barometer with thermometer. The piece features hand carved oak leaves and acorns, pine boughs and a lovely deer head on top. Both barometer and thermometer are in good working order. The piece is in [...]