Archives for August 2, 2014

Antique 19c English Wheel Banjo Barometer Figural MOP Inlay Caminada Manchester

Antique 19c english wheel banjo barometer figural mop inlay signed l caminada manchester. Good condition, replaced knob and replaced lower wood moulding on thermometer case, kind of rough epoxy mould. Barometer lens missing & thermometer & glass cover also missing, case has 1 top right back edge patch, top lens is cracked, [...]

1910 Antique Mercury Stick Barometer TYCOS Taylor Instruments Wood Box RESTORE

Rare antique ‘tycos’ mercury stick barometer made by taylor instruments, new york. Includes blueprint instructions on inside of wood box. Measurements: barometer is 38″ long, wood box is 40″ long x [...]