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Antique The Cottage barometer or storm glass and Thermometer Combined

The Cottage Thermometer / Barometer. It looks to be from the late 1800’s and is made by the Franklin Mills Co. It has a Wheatley ad on the front “Is eaten and Enjoyed in all kinds of weather”. The condition is fair with a nice looking front and a working thermometer. The back has [...]


Note: The listing is for two instruments. The Vintage Hanseatic Brass Instruments are New never used, opened first time for photos (stored in bin for 18 years). The Barometer, Hygrometer / Thermometer are in excellent new condition. Made in Germany and are some of the [...]

Antique Thermograph. England, Early 20th Century

England, Early 20th Century. Antique thermograph with copper box and brass mechanism, made in England in the first third of the 20th century. This lovely device is designed to record the temperatures of a particular place and determine the average annual temperature. Among [...]