Archives for August 23, 2015

Antique English Oak Banjo Wheel Barometer Thermometer Free Shipping

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Large Antique Wood Carved English Aneroid Barometer with rope border

This antique English aneroid barometer is marked “J Parnell Tavistock”. Tavistock is in Devon in southwest England. It dates to the late 1800’s I believe. It is very large measuring 11″ in diameter overall with an 8″ face and is a full 3 thick. There is a carved [...]

Large 1800s antique hand painted wood Admiral Fitzroy wall barometer thermometer

This is a very large rare antique late 19th century hand painted Admiral Fitzroy scientific barometer. The whole backing is completely drawn and lettered by hand with nice design and precision. It has great pastel colors with black lettering. The meters are done in glass tubes and mounted with brass hardware. [...]