Archives for May 19, 2015

Black Forest Barometer Bourdon Tube 1800s Antique 1851 French Victorian, Carving

Antique Black Forest Barometer. The photos were taken outside and were not altered in any way. This is a Bourdon tube barometer. The barometer is working, though I’m sure it needs to be calibrated/set. The wood carving is 19 inches tall and 15 inches at it’s widest point. The [...]

Antique Rare Mahogany Stick Barometer Joseph Somalvico London with wood box

This is a rare joseph somalvico (london), probably 19th century, mahogany with inlaid stick barometer being offered for restoration. The mercury has been professionally removed, the glass is intact, the silvered brass plate shows wear from time, has a manually adjustable vernier, an exposed barometer tube with a turned [...]

Singer’s Patent Pocket Compass Barometer Sterling Silver MOP Ireland 19th Cent

Singer’s patent pocket compass barometer sterling silver mop ireland. Rare singer’s patent compass, f. Here is a rare sterling silver combination compass and barometer, set in a lovely engine turned silver case. The barometer is by f. Moore of belfast/dublin, and the compass is a singer’s [...]