Archives for May 11, 2015

Vintge German Barometer Recovered From Ship BIG SHIP SALVAGE USA

Just google our name. And discover why we are your best connection to original nautical salvaged items! I found it at the bangladesh shipyards along with some other interesting items that had just been removed from a vessel being cut up for scrap. This item measures 12 inches x 6 inches, and is [...]

Barometer Danish antique handcarved with acorn and deer

This barometer is very old. It was a gift from a danish friend. Ithe writing is in danish fair weather beautiful weather etc. The barometer is housed in a handcarved case naive carving i would say there is as you can see a deer head one of the antlers is fixed [...]

Antique Aneroid Barometer 19th Century English Made Marked T. A. R. L

This aneroid barometer has been in our family a very long time. About 25 to 30 years ago i had it overhauled and the glass was replaced. It worked then but does not work now. At the time i had it over overhauled i also had a pine plaque made [...]