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Antique Swiss Black Forest Carving Wall Thermometer Barometer Art Nouveau Owl

Antique swiss black forest carving wall thermometer barometer art nouveau owl. It is carved from walnut wood in a beautiful filigree cut-out design. It is topped with a carved long-eared owl with beautiful large amber-colored glass eyes. The barometer is in german and is brass-encased. The thermometer gives the [...]


For sale is a beautifully carved, late victorian wall barometer in remarkably great conditions. The dark oak case has heavy carvings in the solid oak base. The barometer has a nice mercury thermometer and an acurate aneroid barometer. The device measures 35″ x 10″ x 3. Study the pictures carefully, and ask [...]

Large Antique Nautical Hand Carved Barometer Thermometer Weather Station England

This large barometer thermometer measures approximately 10 3/8″ wide by 32″ tall. Nice hand carved solid hardwood. The thermometer and barometer appears to work. I just saw this on doc martin show, season 5, episode 2. It has to be the same maker!The item “Large Antique Nautical [...]