Archives for March 16, 2015

Vintage Weather Station Ebonized wood Thermometer, Barometer and Humidity

Booklet on how to adjust. For this vintage sears weather station complete with original. Nice looking piece for any home or office. Has thermometer, barometer and humidity gauges. Appear to be working fine. Size is 19 inches tall. Has mounting hole on back as well extra metal wall [...]

19th Century Scientific Stick Barometer Negretti & Zambra (c1850)

This beautiful antique stick barometer was manufactured by negretti and zambra between 1850 and 1859. It was distributed at their first address of 1 hatton garden & 59 cornhill, london. This marking is clearly identified in the upper gage of the instrument. In addition, the number 107 and holborn hill [...]

Build Your Own Weather Station Part 2 A Barometer