Archives for February 11, 2015

Rare German Nautical 1935 Brass Lufft Weather Pillar Barometer, Hygrometer

This antique lufft weather pillar is in very good condition. Everything appears to be fully functional. There is minor paint chipping on the base and the brass has minor spotting due to age. This is a very attractive piece. This extremely rare lufft weather pillar is unique in having white [...]

Antique Victorian Travelling Compensated Barometer/Altimeter by John Browning

Antique victorian travelling compensated barometer/altimeter by john browning. Victorian travelling compensated barometer/altimeter by john browning, london no. 1157, with circular white dial, in brass case. Includes original leather outer case (some wear to button that releases lid, leather cracked underside). Untested and unsure of it’s accuracy. 58 mm (2.28 inches) in diameter. [...]