Vintage “air condition indicator”, black plate is made in bakelite. I found the brevet information on the web, here is a copy to get more information. Bullock air condition indicator filed nov. H j mu ‘m n’ hm\ m v 1125 30554045 so 55 6065 70 75oh iii inventor. Frank bazzoa/a by wwhwcwu/w attorn ey 0 tive humidity are patented june. 16, 1936 sta air condition indicator frank bullock, middlebury lake. Assignor to electric clock corporation, chicago, lll. Corporation of illinois application november 7. This invention relates to improvements in air conditioning indicators. Various devices have been provided from time to time in the past for. The purpose of indicating to occupants of a room the temperature and. Relative humidity of the air in order to aid in the keeping of the a comfortable and healthy temperature and humidity. Such devices, however, usually comprise a hygrostat and a thermometer, each giving its. Own reading of humidity and temperature respectively, and it is. Therefore necessary that tables or charts be consulted if one is to. Ascertain whether the relative humidity for the temperature given, or. Vice versa, is most conducive to health and comfort. It is, therefore, an object of my invention to provide an improved. Air condition indicator which will give by direct reading positive. Information as to whether or not the temperature and relaproperly. Proportioned for health and comfort. Another object is to provide an indicator as described which will. Enable one, in addition to reading composite temperature and relative. Humidity, to read both temperature and relative humidity separately. Other objects and advantages will be apparent after reading the. Following specification and claims and after consideration of the. Drawing forming a part of the specification wherein i have elevation and partially in section an air condition indicator. Constructed in accordance with the invention. With reference to the drawing, the indicator may comprise a casing 2. Of moulded composition adapted to stand upright upon small legs 3 so. That air may be admitted to the casing from beneath. A dial 4 is. Supported within the casing and protected by a cover glass 5 spaced away. Therefrom a suitable distance to allow the free movement of indicator. Hands 6 and i over the dial. The indicator hand 6 is secured to a sleeve 8 rotatably mounted upon. A fixed horizontally extending pin 9 located within the casing below. The horizontal mid-point of the dial 6. A hygroscopic element h in. Spiral form is located about the sleeve 8, the inner end being the sleeve and the outer end to a post i2 fixed relative to the. The element may be made of a brass strip having a strip of. Paper cemented upon one side thereof, the paper beingof a type of paper. Subject to extreme shrinkage and to the dryness or mois- 1934, serial. 73-24 a strip of catgut may be used fixed to the. The hands 6 and l are thus arranged so that they’swing across one. Another, the hand 6 in 10 response to relative humidity and the hand i. In response to temperature. Indicia it on the dial 4 providing a scale. Calibrated in per cent relative humidity are in register with the hand. I 9 providing a scale calibrated in degrees 15 fahrenheit are in register with the hand 7, the. Two scales being disposed virtually at 90 to one another. While i have herein illustrated and described in detail one form of. The invention wherein the indicator hands cross at substantially 90, it. Should be understood that wherein two indiimproper combinations of. Moisture and heat in many forms of the 45 the air to which the subjected, and 50 which fall within the ‘vention. 1; an air condition indicator as described comspirit and scope of my. Inprising, a hygrostatic element, a thermostatic element, indicator. Hands mounted for rotation about fixed axes, one-for each of said. Elements, said elements and said hands being so arranged that the hands. Will move in parallel planes and cross one another throughout the entire. Range of normal operation thereof, a dial having relative humidity and. Temperature scales thereon in registration with the indicator hands. Including scale lines extending along radii developed from the axes of. The indicator hands associated with the hygrostatic and thermostatic. Elements respectively, said dial being further provided with an area. Marked thereon representing a combination of relative humidity and. Temperature conducive to health and comfort, the existence of which in. Air surrounding the indicator is evidenced by the crossing of said hands. A device for indicating healthful and comfortable condition of. Air with respect to relative humidity and temperature which comprises, a. Hygrostatic element, a thermostatic element, indicator hands mounted. For rotation about fixed axes, one for each of said elements, and an. Indicator dial, said elements and hands being so arranged with one another and said dial as to cause said hands to move. Independently over said dial in response to relative humidity and. Temperature changes respectively, said dial having indicia thereupon. Including scale lines for humidity and temperature extending along radii. Developed fromthe axes of the indicator hands for the hydrostatic and. Thermostatic elements respectively in cooperative relationship with both. Of said hands for indicating proper relationship between humidity and. Temperature for health and comfort, said indicia including an area. Marked on said dial at the intersection of certain of said scale lines. Indicating said proper relationship between relative humidity and. Temperature when said indicator hands cross one another over said area. An air condition indicator as described comprising, a hygrostatic. Element, a thermostatic element, indicator hands, one for each of said. Ele- -ments, said elements and said hands being so arranged that the. Hands will move in parallel planes and cross one another throughout the. Entire range of normal operation thereof, and a dial having relative. Humidity and temperature scales thereon in registration with the. Indicator hands associ– ated with the hygrostatic and thermostatic. Elements respectively, a portion of said dial having an area marked. Thereupon representing proper relationships between humidity and. Temperature for health and comfort, the existence of which is the crossing of said hands over said area. Large pictures above, please scroll down. Secure package garanteed, take a look at our feedbacks. Feel free to ask more details or picture, you are welcome !The item “The AIR CONDITION INDICATOR vintage BAKELITE Barometer Hydrometer by F BULLOCK” is in sale since Tuesday, February 03, 2015. This item is in the category “Antiques\Science & Medicine (Pre-1930)\Scientific Instruments\Barometers”. The seller is “capitainebook” and is located in Montsoreau. This item can be shipped worldwide.

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