Archives for December 14, 2014

Antique Pocket Barometer Altimeter Compensated Science Weather Gauge with Case

Antique pocket barometer with altimeter dial with it’s original hard. Shell leather over wood case. With thick beveled glass face cover. It’s compensated and has outer dial which rotates for altitude function. The barometer measures 1 7/8″ wide and is 5/8″ thick. The leather case is 2 3/8 wide. Front face is [...]

Antique Holosteric Barometer PHBN Made in France X Dourde

This is a very nice antique holosteric barometer which appears to be in good working order. I put it in a plastic bag with air and. When i squeezed the bag. The needle moved up then back in place. On the back it has the letters phbn. Dial marked made in france, x [...]