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Antique Nautical Barometer Portuguese Late 1800s Early 1900s Brass

This is a nautical brass barometer portuguese (late 19th century early 20th), weighted stem with engraved steel face supported by gimbal ring and bulkhead mounting, face signed j. M, 16 a 22, r. These barometers were used on old portuguese cod fishing sailboats in greenland. This is an antique item that does show wear and [...]

Antique Cased Pocket Compensated Barometer / Altimeter Made in England

Here is an antique pocket barometer / altimeter with it’s original case. Barometer is compensated and has outer dial for altitude which rotates for altimeter funtion. Face is marked “compensated” and “made in england”, i don’t see any maker’s name on it.
It measures almost exactly two inches across housing. Glass cover is beveled on [...]