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Barograph Richard Freres UNUSUAL 20 pound weight Museum Piece

Very Rare and Unusual Barograph by Richard Freres ca. Barograph is in excellent condition. It is very heavy as the weight weighs approx 20 pounds. The barograph measures 18 1/2 x 18 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches. There are some minor scratches on the case, the glass looks to [...]

Antique 1890’s Pools Cottage Barometer/ Thermometer GREAT PIECE

This is a wonderful piece! The thermometer still works after all these years! The barometer fluid is cloudy not sure what it originally looked like? Back is loose and there is a piece of wood missing. I took very good pictures.The item “Antique 1890’s Pools Cottage Barometer/ Thermometer GREAT PIECE” is [...]

RARE 1920’s MOVA ANEROID BAROMETER Advertising Piece Glenside PA

I appreciate your business and aim to keep you happy! Some info on me at. Please excuse my low feedback, t. His is a new account that will eventually specialize in one of my collecting loves, steampunk. Is the title of a novel authored by the originator of the term “steampunk, ” j. Believe [...]