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Rare 1914 WW1 Antique Otto Bohne Holosteric Barometer Luftwaffe Leather Case

Leather case: scuffs, tears. Lack of suspension belts. On the metal case single shallow scratches and scuffs. The altimeter barometer for aircraft and airships of the air forces of Kaiser Germany in the 1st World War was produced by Otto Bohne Nachf. The altimeter is [...]

WWI 1915 German Otto Bohne Holosteric Compensiert Aviation Altimeter Barometer

Hello dear friends, offering for sale rare find. This is a high quality antique Military brass cased Aneroid Holosteric Compensiert aviation altimeter barometer. Circa 1915 WWI German Otto Bohne brand marked on back”OB” Used by German Airforce with aircrafts, airships and balloons during the Great war. Silvered engraved [...]

Rare Antique Otto Bohne Holosteric Barometer With Leather Case & Instructions

Up for sale is this antique Otto Bohne barometer, in its original leather case and with its instructions. There is some wear to the leather case and light wear to the barometer’s finish. The instructions are folded, tattered and torn. The case measures about 4 1/2″ x 3 [...]


Barometer is an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure. The barometric pressure generally. Indicates changes 12 to 24 hours in advance. Therefore, the barometer is used to anticipate and. Forecast, rather than indication of current conditions. The barometer presented here is holosteric type (aneroid). It measures pressure mechanically, without the use. Of fluids, [...]