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Vintage Brass & Copper LAMBRECT’S POLYMETER Late 1890’s Early 1900’s Germany

Vintage Brass & Copper LAMBRECT’S POLYMETER Late 1890’s – Early 1900’s Germany. Here is an unusual item. Turn of Century brass & copper LAMBRECT’S POLYMETER. I don’t know an actual date. Face is very clean and all the lettering is easy to read. The brass and copper [...]

Antique Central Scientific Brass / Copper Barometer mounted on Mahogany

This barometer was manufactured by the Central Scientific Co. By the color of the metal most of the material composition, besides the wood base, appears to be brass. I believe the wood is mahogany, but it is difficult to tell. Please use photos to determine the [...]


ANTIQUE 1887 DRAPERS SELF RECORDING THERMOMETER BRASS COPPER AWESOME!! We do costuming and props for film & video.. 1887 Antique DRAPERS SELF RECORDING THERMOMETER, 20″ tall X 13 3/4″ wide, 4 deep. Glass is all in tact as well as original paper, brass, copper & [...]

1800s Porcelain dial barometer 10 red & black glaze copper rim mahogany base XL

Antique porcelain dial barometer 10 red & black glaze copper rim mahogany base. An old barometer with a porcelain cream colored dial with red and black glased letters and numbers. The glass is cracked but still intact but obviously will need to be replaced. Can not test using the plastic bag test as the cracks [...]

Antique Old Copper Metal Gauge Dial Early Barometer Weather Meter Parts Used

Antique, old, copper, metal, gauge, dial, early barometer, weather meter, parts. This item shows overall wear including scratches, discoloration, staining, missing finish, tarnishing, minor corrosion found, scuff marks to the glass, spotting to the glass, dirtiness found to the inside, and this item may be missing legs and [...]

Antique Brass Short & Mason SM Barometer OLD ONE copper

Antique Short & Mason, just in from older estate. Cracked glass, see pictures. Rare Old one, made of copper or brass, looks more copper to me. I do not see date. The ring comes off, so maybe you can repair glass or use as is. The needle turns, and [...]

Antique French Barometer Barometre Aneroide Secretan a Paris 14257 Copper Case

Please read my terms and conditions first – the item description follows below. Also, if there is anything you’d like to see that I haven’t depicted or need additional information on, please ask – I’m happy to take more photos and/or answer your questions. PLEASE CONTACT ME – If you look [...]

Early etched glass house thermometer with original copper mounts VINTAGE OLD

Antique thermometer mounted on a thick piece of beveled and etched glass. Thermometer tube is filled with blue alcohol that has filled the tube as seen in pics. Does not read accurately. Experts in c1900 thermometers may know how to remedy this. Thermometer is 7 3/4 inches tall. Has original copper mounting brackets. These are [...]

Antique Brass & Copper Portable Aneroid Barometer w/Handle & Small Compass

Is made of copper and brass. It has a sturdy handle at the top and a small round compass. It is 5 3/8″ in diameter and 2″ deep. This copper and brass on this barometer is in great condition with no repairs, cracks, dings or dents. The glass that cover the face of the [...]


All items start at $0.99. Estate fresh turn of the century barometer marked pnhb. This is a wonderful old petite victorian era wall barometer that features a simple circular case with [...]