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Rustic Black Forest (Late 19th Cent) Walnut Wall Barometer/Thermometer

Rustic Black Forest (Late 19th Cent) Walnut Wall Barometer/Thermometer. Rustic Black Forest (late 19th Cent) walnut wall barometer/thermometer with carved bird, deer and floral carving. Measurements: 15″ w x 33″ h. As seen in the following movies, advertisements and tv productions. For four generations, Newel has inspired international collectors and designers with one [...]


Finest kind of English craftsmanship by the highly regarded firm of T. Cooke & Sons, 31 Southampton St. They manufactured a very wide range of clocks, telescopes, and scientific instruments which were used the world over, in their works in Yorks. Excellent condition inside and out. Suitable for any collection [...]

Singer’s Patent Pocket Compass Barometer Sterling Silver MOP Ireland 19th Cent

Singer’s patent pocket compass barometer sterling silver mop ireland. Rare singer’s patent compass, f. Here is a rare sterling silver combination compass and barometer, set in a lovely engine turned silver case. The barometer is by f. Moore of belfast/dublin, and the compass is a singer’s [...]

GORGEOUS 19th cent. Antique wall thermometer on inlaid plaque. 1889

Absolutely amazing 19th century wall thermometer with marquetry style inlay. This highly collectable piece is fresh from an antique estate. It meaures 14 tall and has the perfect amount of patina. These are collectable enough without the woodwork. A master woodworker put this plaque [...]